Mary Mazzoni

Writer and Editor

Philadelphia, PA

Mary Mazzoni

Writing and editing machine. Runs on details, deadlines and creativity.



10 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Watch This Summer

Before you refresh that summer wardrobe, consult our list and spend your dollar where it counts.
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Your Guide to Personal Fossil Fuel Divestment

Global Divestment Mobilization week runs through May 13.
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We’re Keeping Up With the White House So You Don’t Have To

Another week in office for U.S. President Donald Trump, another patch of grey hair for environmentalists.
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Bipartisan Collaboration in the Age of Trump (Yes, It Still Happens)

In a time when we seem more divided than ever before, a few bright spots stand out.
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14 American Cities Tackling Climate Change Today

Despite Trump's stated plans to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, American cities are stepping in.
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Oxfam: Developing Countries at Risk of Being ‘Squeezed Out’ of Paris Negotiations

Midway through the historic COP21 climate talks in Paris, small countries were at risk of being "squeezed out."
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African Leaders Promise a Clean-Energy Future in Abu Dhabi

At Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2014, African leaders promised a bright future of renewable energy development.
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Timberland and Thread Partner to Drive Social Impact in Haiti

3p spoke with both companies about what the partnership can teach startups and legacy brands about collaboration.
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Coming Together to Tackle Deforestation in Peru

3p was on site to check out a new reforestation project.
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8 Reasons Why the Republican Platform Should Concern Environmentalists

“The environment is too important to be left to radical environmentalists," wrote the Republican Platform Committee.
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This Policy News Didn’t Make Headlines, But It Still Matters

Potentially groundbreaking changes are brewing in Congress to little fanfare.
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In the Trump Era, Uncertainty is the Name of the Game

As the new administration got down to business, the albatross of the unknown reached monumental proportions.
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Mary Mazzoni

I am a writer and editor with a passion for developing an engaging voice for readers and curating content that sparks their interests.

My work has appeared on TriplePundit, AlterNet, Yahoo Travel, Budget Travel, Earth911, Sustainable Brands, The Daily Meal, and multiple Philadelphia publications including the Philadelphia Daily News.

I'm a stickler for grammar, style and thorough research, but sharing a great story is what really gets me going!



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